BMW S1000RR Race Bike Specs, Top Speed


After making international BMW brand in Automobile. Company steps forward in the world of motorcycle sports heavy bike named as S 1000 RR. That new step Introduced in April 2008, Munich (Germany). Launch its first model in 2009. This sports motorcycle brings revolution in BMW sports heavy bike with its newly introduced features which are never being used by the brand. Incredible machine is introduced with purpose to launch their name in world championship super machine. Company makes it convenient and budget friendly for everyone or for any racer. They can easily purchase it. After that features and thinking of the manufacturers this made its name prominent in that world championship. Bike also makes it way easy by fulfilling the requirement of that championship. And makes everyone to think about that bike.

The Motorcycle launch with light weight to race fast and engine compatibility also in mind of manufacturer due to which this bike increase its marketing after championship in 2010. Due to which they increase the production of this super cool product. Next class leave everyone shock by completing overall 1 position lonely favorite Moto GP race in 2012 in short period before its production.

One best Motorcycle of Series BMW S1000RR Race Bike 2017 Top Speed, Specifications

BMW S 1000 RR comes with incredible innovative features, light in weight company that thing keep in mind more less weight bike gain more speed. Horse power of this machine is 999 CC. Due to its Shape it faces less resistance and gain more speed. Due to its horse power motorcycle gain speed of 0-120km/ h in its first gear with the top speed of 303km/h. Bike with Multi-plate wet slipper clutch and Aluminum bridge-type frame with load-bearing engine. Which gives very comfortable feel to the racer in lowering the gear of the machine. Machine with 4 stroke, 4 valves in one cylinder its means that 16 total valves in 4 cylinder which makes it more powerful and faster on the road. Fuel efficient(6.13 L/100 km) is another feature added by the engineers of the brand which makes it more like-able among every racer.

BMW S1000RR Feature & Specification:

Engine: 999 CC
Maximum Torque: 83 lb-ft (113 Nm) at 10,500 rpm
Electrical system: Three-phase 350 W generator
Power transmission: Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox with straight cut gear
Weight: 32.1″ (815 mm) Standard; comfort seat 33.5″ (850 mm) (available as accessories, see an authorized BMW Motorrad dealer)
Length: 80.8″ (2,050 mm)
Width (incl. mirrors) 32.5″ (826 mm)
Height (excl. mirrors) 44.9″ (1,140 mm)
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Why BMW S 1000 RR 2017 is Suitable for The Bikers?

This question is very important for every buyer. Because every buyer wants the best and more interesting feature in his product. So every company keep that point in their mind that why their creation is the best product for buyers. Features of S 1000 RR are very suitable and friendly for every racer it has all those quality quantity which every racer wants to have in their machine. The speed is amazing, fuel efficient with innovative fuel efficient performance with amazing torque which helps the racer to turn bike easily in turns. The grip of S 1000 RR is very better from many others  manufacturing companies. Gear transmission of that machine with innovative clutch system with very suitable hybrid battery system which innovates the look and performance of the motorcycle more beautiful. BMW S 1000 RR’s horse power is also amazing with top speed of 303km/ h with 999CC horse power engine and very efficient transmission system.

Get Ready to Purchase because Bike is Budget Friendly, BMW S 1000 RR Price – $15,500

Price matters in every field of life while purchasing any purchasing the product. Everyone wants the best thing in his approach or everyone wants the best thing with suitable budget. So here we go this product is also budget friendly bike which every person / racer approach it or purchase it. The price of S 1000 RR  is $15,500.